pool noodles

“Kenny Shallows has always dreamt of being a poolside lifeguard. But when he wangles a place on the prestigious lifeguarding course at Hardwater Leisure Centre (largest in Britain if you count the car park!) he finds he is a small fish in a big pond.  


Can our underdog stay afloat when thrown in at the deep end? Or will he lose his trunks, get chlorine in his eyes and swim into the ladder?


It’s sink or swim; dunk or be dunked; splish or splash.”


Combining clever humour, original music and frenetic physicality, this narrative sketch show has previously been described as “a triumph of creativity, energy, and ingenuity” (★★★★½, Varsity) and “a glimpse into the future of British comedy” (★★★★★, TCS). 

Upcoming dates

Leicester Comedy Festival (King Richard III Visitor Centre) 

14-15 February 2020

Brighton Fringe (The Warren: Theatre Box) 

7-10 May 2020

past dates


13-16 February 2019

ADC Theatre


28-30 November 2019

OSO Arts Centre

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