Meet the Chuck Salmon Team!

Will Bicknell-Found

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Will was a Writer and Performer for the 2018 Cambridge Footlights International Tour Show, wrote and directed ‘Meddlin' Kids’ at the Edinburgh Fringe this year and was Co-creator, Head Writer and Performer for web-series 'Magpies Love Mirrors'.


Will’s classic catchphrases are “haha guys, but seriously I have to go, it’s a full moon!” and “I’m not a werewolf.”

Alex Franklin

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Alex was a finalist for the Chortle Student Comedy Award 2018, and shortlisted for the BBC Radio 4 New Comedy Award 2019. He was also a Writer/Performer on the 2019 Footlights International Tour Show.


Scientists say he can hold his breath underwater for 7 minutes, allowing him to dominate marine ecosystems.

Noah Geelan

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Noah is an “abundantly talented writer” (Varsity) of funny plays and silly sketches. He directed the 2019 Cambridge Footlights International Tour Show and was Co-creator, Head Writer and Performer for the surreal four-part comedy web-series 'Magpies Love Mirrors'.


He has a talent for finishing crosswords on the tube in a way that makes DAMN sure everyone sitting nearby knows about it.

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